Discord Bot DM Troubleshooting

Slash command not working? You may have to manually type a slash (/) in a DM with the bot to force your Discord client to load slash commands properly.

When you try sending a Direct Message to the Discord bot, you may encounter an error message saying it could not be delivered.

When this happens, the bot cannot send you any DMs, either. Here's how you can adjust your Discord settings to fix this:

  • Ensure you share a mutual server with the bot. You can join our public Discord server by clicking here.
  • Update your Discord privacy settings to allow DMs:
    1. Right click our Discord server (or click the dropdown arrow next to the server name).
    2. Go to Privacy Settings.
    3. Turn on Allow direct messages from server members.
    4. Then, try DMing the bot again.
  • Ensure you have completed the required membership screening steps in our Discord server, such as accepting our Discord server rules.
  • If this does not resolve the issue, please see the relevant Discord support article for further help.

Once you have fixed the issue and messaged the bot successfully, you can close this tab and return to the page you came from.